Chantel’s most glamorous post-separation photos


Chantel Family stars Chantel and Pedro Jimeno are going through a divorce, but that hasn’t stopped Chantel from dazzling fans with her photos.

fans of The Chantel family have heard of Chantel and Pedro Jimeno’s ongoing divorce, and Chantel has maintained her online presence throughout the messy ordeal. On July 7, viewers discovered that Pedro had filed for divorce from Chantel on May 27. However, he listed their split date as April 27. All this time, The Chantel family star Chantel has kept her image online.

Chantel and Pedro met in the Dominican Republic and quickly fell in love, although viewers now believe Pedro decided to use Chantel from the start. Once Pedro established his professional career and no longer needed Chantel, he became cold and cruel towards her. Chantel has always been considered a great beauty by 90 day fiance franchise fans, and the Atlanta woman is known for her stunning beauty. Many The Chantel family fans believe that Chantel deserved better than Pedro, due to her efforts to maintain their relationship, while he was checking in emotionally.


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While Pedro was once hugely popular among The Chantel family fans, many are now siding with Chantel and looking to her social media profiles to see how she is doing. Viewers know that Chantel loved Pedro dearly and really tried to make their marriage last. Chantel worked long hours as a nurse and cooked and cleaned for Pedro, even though he began to abuse her. He started refusing to communicate with her. Now viewers know that Pedro was the one who filed for divorce, and many are in awe of how she has retained her grace and dignity.

Chantel is working on her appearance

Chantel Jimeno The Chantel Family

Chantel and Pedro’s split began on April 27. However, viewers would not have realized this based on her Instagram. Chantel shared her experience with laser hair removal two weeks later on May 10. In the video, she appeared in a black bra and matching underwear. Many viewers noted that Chantel looks stunning and that The Chantel family the star was in great shape. There was no indication that there was a problem in Chantel and Pedro’s marriage, judging by her glamorous image on Instagram at the time.

Chantel stuns viewers

Shortly after Pedro filed for divorce from Chantel, she was turning heads on Instagram with a gorgeous photo shoot. Chantel may be a working nurse, but the beautiful reality TV star often dabbles in modeling. Chantel dressed down, wearing a strapless white dress with matching gloves and black heels. She looked stunning in the glamorous photoshoot, which she shared in early June. Chantel has since added several videos and images of the modeling experience.

Chantel and Winter Wow

Chantel Jimeno Winter Everett The Chantel Family

Chantel’s younger sister, Winter Everett, shared a photo of the two sisters at a party, just days before news of Chantel and Pedro’s divorce went viral. Chantel and Winter opted for similar types of outfits in different colors. Chantel chose a lime green mini dress, while Winter chose a bright pink mini jumpsuit. Many The Chantel family viewers were surprised by the beauty of the two famous sisters. Pedro may have broken up with Chantel, but there are plenty of people out there who would like to date the Atlanta beauty or her sister, judging by the comments on social media.

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