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Model, TV host and wellness expert Brooke Burke has never been afraid to show off her fit figure, and that hasn’t changed at age 50. Today Burke posted another stunning photo on Instagram. She wore a blue swimsuit top with matching pants, showing off her abs. “Island vibes 💙🌴,” she captioned. How does she stay in shape? Read on to see 7 ways Brooke Burke stays fit and the photos that prove they work — and to get beach-ready, don’t miss these essentials 30 Best Celebrity Swimsuit Photos!

When it comes to her diet, Burke says she tries to eat as healthy as possible and practices this form of eating. “I fast intermittently, so I don’t eat breakfast,” Burke said. HollywoodLife. “I wake up and make coffee or black tea. Sometimes I make bulletproof coffee, where I put butter and heavy cream, which I find really good.” “Intermittent fasting is currently a popular diet trend. There are several fasting methods that people use to lose weight. Some diets reduce the time they eat each day to, for example, only six hours on a 24-hour period. Others fast. Another approach is called the 5:2 diet, which involves gradually cutting your daily calories to the point that you’re only consuming 500 calories a day for two days a week,” explains the Mayo Clinic.


Burke tells HollywoodLife that she makes sure to incorporate plenty of healthy fats into her daily diet. “We need fat, it’s all the things we’ve been trained not to do that really feed our brains and our skin, our hair. I eat a lot of fat but I’m pretty conscious about what I’m eating, I really don’t eat processed foods at all.” Load up on lean proteins, vegetables, fruits, and healthy fats like olive, canola, avocado, and nut oils, foods high in plant fats like avocados and olives, and butters nuts and seeds like peanut butter, almond butter and tahini.

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Burke is a wellness expert and she even has her own workout app, Brooke Burke Body. She tells HollywoodLife that her app is based on workouts she does at home. She also says she does a lot of fast and intense workouts at home and no longer needs to go to the gym. “I started my fitness app a year and a half ago. You can do 10-minute workouts, which I know sounds silly, but you really can do 10-minute workouts. , 15 mins, 20 mins you can decide what you want to do and you work hard you get an afterburn The days of you going to the gym and spending an hour there, for me are long gone I have l feeling like you’re in better shape in your 40s than before. It’s just understanding the body.”

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Burke tells HollywoodLife that one of her biggest health and wellness secrets is staying hydrated every day. She says she always makes sure she drinks enough water and carries it with her at all times. “I drink water all the time, I have water in my car, water by my bed, a bottle of water in my purse, always. I just think we we need.”


Burke told HollywoodLife what his typical meals looked like. She says she tries to eat as healthy as possible and eats a variety of different foods. “It depends on my schedule, but when you fast intermittently, life becomes really simple because you’re really only having two meals a day and if I need to snack, I snack, but I kind of eat consciously so I will make fish, lean protein lots of soups, lots of vegetables, I like spicy food, avocados, olive oil, lots of nuts I eat lots of macadamia nuts, which are super greasy I always have little packets of snacks in my car A typical dinner might be filet mignon, salad and grilled veggies I eat a lot of sushi I love Mexican food.

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Burke tells HollywoodLife that she believes in moderation. She says she’s not afraid to enjoy the carbs and the takeout once in a while. “I’m not crazy about rice, and I’m not obsessed either. I give myself space so everything is in moderation.”

When it comes to working out, Burke says she moves regularly. However, she also says she takes time to rest and recover each week. “I train five times a week and the other two days I relax,” she said. FoxNews. “It’s important to have time off to pull yourself together and take a break. On your days off, walk around your neighborhood, enjoy it.”


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