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July 8, 1921

Hinckley talks about the cost of the pool

At the Rotary Club meeting last night, City Engineer George S. Hinckley answered a few questions regarding the proposed pool, questions non-member voters or club guests may want to clear in their minds.

Mr Hinckley said it is proposed to spend the sum of $ 20,000 for the pool, which will provide a bigger and better pool with better equipment than Riverside or Colton. The latter city spent $ 17,000 on its swimming pool; Riverside costs less.

The water entering the pool will have a temperature of approximately 72 degrees. It’s two or three degrees cooler than Riverside water and 14 degrees cooler than Colton’s, but it’s 10 or 12 degrees warmer than the water entering what’s called the Bethel Reservoir and which is used as a dive by a private club. This last water, of course, heats up as it is.

July 9, 1921

The Bond parade will take place on Monday afternoon

Plans to rehabilitate the deposits of a swimming pool were drawn up during a meeting of the general committee which was held this morning. The big highlight of the campaign will be the beautiful parade, which will be held on Monday at 4 p.m.

Mothers of boys and girls asked to have a section in the parade. “We want a place to keep our boys and girls at home,” they said. They will therefore be honored.

This advertisement for the proposed $ 20,000 bond to build a swimming pool in Sylvan Park in Redlands appeared on July 7, 1921 in the Redlands Daily Facts. (Daily Redlands Facts)

The parade will depart from Library Park at 4 a.m. and pass through the business section. There will be many banners competing for the 30 beautiful prizes, then there will be a section dedicated to machines and the general public.

July 12, 1921

Boys and girls on parade for obligations

The boys and girls of Redlands are strong for pool ties. This was demonstrated yesterday when around 150 of them showed up with slogans on banners and marched in the parade for bonds.

There were powerful and intelligent ideas in this parade. Little Olive Blomquist was all dressed up in a cute new red swimsuit and her slogan was “All dressed up and nowhere to go”, while her sister Jewel wore an equally effective one. Then Billie Van Leuven had her goat with him and kept her all the time.

H. Clinton Smith had a machine full of boys in swimsuits who announced to the world that they were “ready to swim, bring the pool”. Norman Hinckley took part in the parade in a washing tub mounted on the undercarriage of a buggy. There was a boy who had his dog harnessed to a cart and a number of machines in the parade which was led by the high school marching band.

It was a most effective advertisement for the bond vote. Here is the full list of winners:

First Prize for Girls – Swimsuit, won by Emily H. Moore, using the slogan: “A kid in a swim is worth two on the street.

Second Prize for Girls – Swimsuit, won by Hazel Gundlach.

Third Prize for Girls – Prize not yet selected, to be presented to Gretchen Wiesmore, with the slogan: “To the Beaches We Can’t Go, for We Haven’t the Dough.

This list of suggested slogans for the boys and girls’ banners on the July 11, 1921 parade in support of a $ 20,000 pool bond is part of the July 9, 1921 parade advert in the Redlands Daily Facts. The “foxy grandfathers” in the sixth suggested slogan may have cast the votes that failed the tie in the July 12, 1921 election. (Daily Facts from Redlands)

First Prize for Boys – Swimsuit, won by William Moore, with the slogan: “Our fathers swam when they were young, have a heart and let us too.”

Second Prize for Boys – Pair of tennis shoes, won by Carl Isham, who wore a swimsuit and used the slogan: “I want to get wet in the new pool.

Third Prize for Boys – Swimsuit, won by Franklin Arthur, using the slogan: “We have the swimsuits, give us the pool”.

The other prizes were:

Knife for Boys – Arthur Woesner, “You vote the bonds, we’ll pay them.” …

Tie – “Maw, let’s move, I can’t learn to swim in the Dry Redlands” – John Wiesmore.

Harp – “Daddy can swim, I would like a place to learn” – Harry Holly.

Towel – “Why are you always doing stupid things?” Because we don’t have a swimming pool ”- Ernest Long. …

Tie Pin – “Redlands is so dry frogs can’t swim here” – Egbert Gross. …

Rubber Cap – “Hey, Mr. Tightwad, I haven’t had a bath in first year” – Margaret Howland.

Leather handbag – “I want to go swimming but a tub is too small” – Evelyn Young.

Bracelet – “Why pay your way to Colton, vote for obligations to swim here” – Agnes Watson. …

Buffer – “The YMCA pool is for boys, girls want to swim” – Margaret Mulholland.

Lingerie Clasps – “A swim a day keeps the doctor away” – Roberta Dunn. …

Towel – “We have the water, we have the park, vote for the pool and stop the bark” – Charlotte Hinckley.

Editor’s Note: This is not the complete list of awards and winners published July 12, 1921 in the Redlands Daily Facts. Other prizes included candy, jam, a ball, perfume and stationery, and more than 40 children received sodas.

July 13, 1921

Bond issues both defeated by voters

The two bond issues voted by the citizens of Redlands yesterday failed to obtain the necessary majority. In fact, the Pool Bonds lacked 22 votes to secure a majority. The vote was light as only about 1,500 of the 4,200 registered voters in the city turned out to vote.

Strong opposition to bonds, and in particular pool bonds, developed very early on and hard work was done by those who were determined to beat them. Both sides were active yesterday to secure the vote, but despite this it was not as important as it should have been. …

The result was known at 9 p.m. last night and at that point those who had favored the bonds announced that the show is not dead, not at all, as they plan to submit it again to the parliamentary elections of. next april. .

Editor’s Note: The second bond that failed in the July 12, 1921 election was $ 15,000 for a fire engine. Less than two years after The Pool Link’s defeat of 1921, Redlands’ Sylvan Plunge opened on June 16, 1923 and generations of Redlanders used the pool until it closed in the 1970s. The Redlands Skate Park is where the Sylvan Plunge was located.



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