Big Ed’s Most Embarrassing Moments From Single Life


“Big” Ed Brown appeared on two seasons of the 90 Day Fiancé spin-off 90 Day: The Single Life, and he embarrassed himself multiple times.

“Big” Ed Brown has been a regular at 90 days: single lifeand although he’s off the market after getting engaged to Liz Woods, he’s had several cringe-worthy moments on the 90 day fiance spin-off that viewers will never forget. Fans were first introduced to Ed on 90 Day Fiance: Before 90 Days season 4, when he was dating Rosemarie Vega. Although viewers lashed out at Rose, Ed quickly came under fire for his controversial words and actions on the show.

Fans were thrilled that Rose dumped Ed at the end of Before 90 days, but they were disappointed when he joined the cast of The Single Life season 1. On the new spin-off, Ed looked for love again, and he thought he had found it with his restaurant waitress friend Liz. . However, their relationship fell apart and The single life season 1 Tell All, viewers were horrified by Liz’s claims about Ed.


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New bachelor Ed has been included in The single life cast of season 2, much to the chagrin of fans. Ed dated a few women throughout Season 2, but he didn’t get serious with any of them. Instead, in the finale, Ed revealed that he and Liz had reconciled and got engaged. Although the couple are regularly trolled online, they seem to be happy together and are planning a wedding. Ed probably won’t be on The single life again, but it had many embarrassing and memorable scenes in seasons 1 and 2.

Big Ed’s back hair removal

At the beginning of The single life season 1, Ed prepared for his return to the dating world with hair removal, especially back hair. Viewers were disgusted watching the 90 day fiance The franchise star’s mother applies Nair to her son’s back and scratches it later. It was surprising that Ed would agree to film something that fans would find so gross, but again, he was the man who brought the franchise to hair mayonnaise.

Cringey’s First Kiss from Big Ed and Liz Woods

When Ed and Liz started dating, it seemed that Ed was much more attracted to Liz than she was to him. At the end of one of their dates, Ed walked in for a first kiss, and it didn’t go well. The awkwardness was palpable as Liz quickly turned her head to deflect Ed’s advances, though many viewers reveled in watching Ed get rejected like that. Many fans were certain that Ed and Liz’s budding relationship would not survive such an embarrassing time so soon.

Big Ed’s first date after Liz Woods

Big Ed Brown 90 Days The Single Life

After an emotional breakup with Liz after The single life season 1, Ed decided to get back on the horse in season 2. He got a stylish new haircut and a wardrobe refresh and went out on his first date with a woman since the breakup. Unfortunately for Ed (and his date), it was probably too early for Ed to pursue a romantic relationship, and he ended up crying in front of his completely embarrassed date.

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Kaory closes Big Ed

Later in Season 2, Ed briefly dated a Mexican woman named Kaory. However, the two had a major language barrier and Ed couldn’t even pronounce his name correctly. Almost all of Ed and Kaory’s dates on The single life were embarrassing disasters, but the most embarrassing for Ed was at a party when Kaory pretty much told him to shut up. She was fed up with his incessant chatter, and even without knowing what he was saying. Kaory ended up ghosting Ed and it was all pretty gritty – but oddly satisfying – to watch.

If Ed and Liz end up getting married, viewers won’t see either of them on 90 days: single life never again, which is music to the ears of many fans. Although he’s one of the most critical of all cast members in the franchise, there’s no denying that he’s often very convincing on television, especially when he’s the butt of the joke. These memorable moments will remain among the most embarrassing of the 90 day fiance franchise.

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