Beurer’s new sea air simulator brings sea air into your home



Maremed allows you to enjoy the natural feeling of well-being that the sea air evokes

Breathe fresher, cleaner, healthier and germ-free air with the new Maremed sea air simulator from Beurer. Now you can enjoy all the health and wellness benefits of sea air, while eliminating 99% of bacteria and viruses from your home

Health and well-being specialist, Butter, launched a new product designed to help calm your mind and relax your body through better breathing. New Maremed MK-500 marine air simulator uses air filtering and sea salt nebulization to recreate a natural marine climate within your four walls. Maremed allows you to enjoy the natural feeling of well-being evoked by the sea air. It also helps you breathe more deeply, breathe less toxins and bacteria, and might even help relieve allergy symptoms for many. Featuring a UVC lamp in its filtering system, the Maremed eliminates 99% of bacteria and viruses using UVC rays, helping to keep your home and family safe from nasty germs.

The new Maremed Marine Air Simulator is unique in its ability to mimic the natural quality of coastal air. It cleans, mineralizes, sterilizes, ionizes and humidifies the air at the same time. It even has its own exclusively produced sea salt, composed of more than 65 trace elements, which Maremed transforms into a fine mist to enrich the air and simulate the biodynamics of the seaside.

The soothing climate of the sea air produced by Maremed, which is indistinguishable from nature, not only helps improve your mood and relieve stress by improving the intensity of your breathing, but it also filters the air for offer you respiratory benefits. By removing up to 70% of airborne dirt particles, pollen, house dust and animal hair, Maremed helps you breathe easier, reduces allergy symptoms, prevents you from inhaling harmful chemicals and even helps you reduce the risk of catching airborne germs. It is particularly beneficial for allergy sufferers, pregnant women, newborns, and people with lung or breathing difficulties.

This new and unique sea air simulation technology from Beurer comes in an attractive and modern design and offers many useful features that ensure it works flawlessly, at your convenience. A night mode, for example, allows you to create optimal sleeping conditions to enjoy the natural sea air in the room while you sleep. An LED display with intelligent control also shows you practical information on operation, and Beurer has made sure that the new Maremed is extremely easy to maintain and clean.

Winner of the German Design Awards 2021, Maremed is already recognized for its exceptional design innovation.

To find out more about this brand new nature-inspired device from Beurer, designed for your health and well-being, visit:

The Beurer Maremed MK-500 is available from No longer stress and Amazon, priced at £ 349.99.


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