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Which home hair removal kit is the best?

An at-home hair removal kit is a great option if you want smooth skin that can last for several weeks. When buying a home hair removal kit, there are a few things to consider, like whether you want hard wax or soft wax. The KoluaWax waxing kit is a first class home hair removal kit.

What to know before buying a hair removal kit at home

Hard wax vs soft wax

There are two main types of home hair removal kits, including soft wax and hard wax. Hard wax is a great option because it is not as sticky as soft wax and is easier to clean up afterwards. Hard wax can also catch very short hairs.

You can apply soft wax to your skin straight from the container, and it’s perfect for plucking fine hairs. It’s also cheaper and less painful than hard wax.

Hair length

It is crucial to make sure that your hair is the correct length for waxing. It should not be too short, as the wax will not be able to pick up your hair. However, if your hair is too long, it may partially break when you remove the wax. The best length for your hair when waxing is approximately ¼-1/2 inch long.

After waxing

Wash your skin immediately after waxing to remove any wax residue. You can also use baby oil to remove wax residue and moisturize your skin. Use a moisturizer after waxing to soothe your skin, especially if it is irritated.

What to look for in a quality home hair removal kit


Home hair removal kits often come with wax in different scents, so you can choose the wax that suits your mood. Look at the amount of wax that comes with the home hair removal kit and make sure it’s the right type of wax for your hair removal needs.

Applicator sticks and bands

Hard wax kits usually come with applicator sticks to help you apply the wax to your skin. Once the wax is dry, you remove the wax with your hands. Soft wax kits come with applicator strips that you press onto the wax and remove to get rid of your hair. These applicator sticks and strips are generally disposable, so you will run out of applicator tools.

Wax heater

The superior wax heaters heat the wax easily and quickly and include adjustable temperature controls so the wax doesn’t get so hot it burns the skin.

How much you can expect to spend on an at-home hair removal kit

The price of home hair removal kits typically ranges from $ 10 to $ 50. The price of the most basic home hair removal kits ranges from $ 10 to $ 20, while mid-range home hair removal kits cost $ 20 to $ 40. The price for premium home hair removal kits ranges from $ 40 to $ 50.

Home hair removal kit FAQ

What type of wax is suitable for sensitive areas of the skin?

A. You can use soft wax or hard wax to get rid of hair around sensitive areas of your skin, such as underarms, eyebrows, and bikini line. Hard wax is generally better and softer for these sensitive areas, and you can go back to the sensitive area a few times if you miss a spot.

How much wax should you apply at the same time?

A. You should spread the wax in a very thin layer, making sure to cover all the areas of the skin that you want to depilate. This is beneficial in two ways. First, it makes your wax last longer. It also results in less pain, because a thin layer of wax does not pull as hard on your skin as a thick layer of wax.

How often should I wax?

A. The regularity of your hair removal at home depends on the speed at which your hair grows. A single wax keeps your skin smooth and soft for about six to eight weeks.

What is the best home hair removal kit to buy?

Top home hair removal kit

KoluaWax waxing kit

What would you like to know: This at-home hair removal kit from KoluaWax is perfect for sensitive skin and includes everything you need to remove unwanted hair gently and safely.

What you will love: This at-home hair removal kit includes oil before and after hair removal, applicators, silicone bowl, wax heater, four bags of hard wax beads and an instruction guide. The kit is very easy to use and gentle on your skin.

What you should consider: This at-home hair removal kit doesn’t pick up as much hair if you have thinner or thinner hair.

Or buy: Sold by Amazon

The best home hair removal kit for the money

Nad's Original Hair Removal Gel Kit

Nad’s Original Hair Removal Gel Kit

What would you like to know: This Nad’s No Heat Home Hair Removal Kit is not as tough as some competitors.

What you will love: This hair removal kit includes moisturizing balm, cotton strips, wipes and an applicator, in addition to gel wax, which works with body temperature rather than requiring heat.

What you should consider: This home hair removal kit might not pick up thicker hair.

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Ajoura home hair removal kit

Ajoura home hair removal kit

What would you like to know: This affordable, comprehensive home hair removal kit from Ajoura makes hair removal at home safe, affordable, fast and easy.

What you will love: This Ajoura at-home hair removal kit comes with a before and after hair removal spray, gloves, 20 wax sticks, four bags of scented hard wax beads and a wax heater. It is gentle on the skin and easy to use for beginners.

What you should consider: Some consumers did not like the smell of the included wax beads.

Or buy: Sold by Amazon

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