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Which cat nail clipper is the best?

Bringing a sharp or potentially dangerous gadget near any animal is sure to cause it to run for the woods. Sometimes you can’t even say the word “veterinarian” out loud before your cat rushes to a safe place. But if you need to trim your cat’s nails and want easy-to-use clippers, the JW Pet Gripsoft Deluxe Cat Nail Clipper is a great choice.

What to know before buying a cat nail clipper

It will be a struggle

You should trim your cat’s nails when she is young, to get her used to the actions and sensations. If you’re trying something new with an adult cat, you might end up with more scratches and hisses than cuts.

The most important aspect is to show your cat that he is not in danger and that what you are doing will not hurt him unless you hurt him. Positive reinforcement can also work wonders, offering a treat for each successfully clipped nail.

There are different kinds

For many people, all mowers are simply mowers. But there are three types of cat claw clippers, and you may need to browse through them to find the right type for you and your cat.

  • scissor cut is exactly what it sounds like. It looks like garden scissors and you place the nail between the blades and press down, just like you would with regular paper scissors. These are best for long nails that are beginning to curl into the toes.
  • Guillotine type sounds extreme, but it’s easier to manage if you know the right technique. On the commercial side, there is a metal ring through which the nail passes. When you press the handle, a sharp blade slides over the ring to cut the nail.
  • If neither works, there is always human nail clippers. You hold and use them just like your own fingernails, and surprisingly, human nail clippers are often the easiest to use, followed closely by the Guillotine type.

Work on your technique

Consider your cat’s personality and work on a technique that’s as stressful as possible for both people involved. However, a few things will make the experience manageable and (almost) enjoyable.

  • Press it: The cat’s claws retract, so you’ll need to gently squeeze the paw to expose them.
  • From top to bottom: The correct way is to cut the nail from top to bottom. The blade should come from above the nail, go straight down and leave a clean cut. If you cut from side to side, the nails can break and cause discomfort.
  • Drop it: Although most cats won’t tolerate it, you can also smooth out any rough edges or snags with a human nail file.

What to Look for in a Quality Cat Nail Clipper

Non-slip handle

The mere thought of cutting your nails and wobbling the trimmer sideways is nightmarish. Imagine, then, how your cat will experience it. For this reason, good quality cat clippers have a handle with non-slip grips. These can be non-slip plastic or ridges in the handle to prevent slipping.

Blades that stay sharp

This will cause more trauma to your relationship with your cat than actual damage, but dull blades on clippers are never good. Instead of cutting the hard nail cleanly, dull blades essentially crush the nail with force. Good quality cat clippers have blades that can be sharpened, replaced, or made from a material that remains sharp even after many clips.

How much you can expect to spend on a cat nail clipper

They are relatively inexpensive, with a simple scissor-style retailing for $5-$10. Larger clippers suitable for cats and dogs sell for $10 to $15, while pet nail clippers cost between $20 and $30.

Cat Nail Clippers FAQ

Should you cut your cat’s claws?

A. There’s a heated debate about whether you should clip a cat’s claws, but when it becomes an obvious problem, you need to step in. This is more of a problem with indoor cats who don’t have the natural environment to shed old claws so those can grow. However, cutting nails can speed up the process of shedding, letting stronger nails slip through.

How often should you cut your nails?

A. Although this will vary depending on the age and activity of the cat, you should aim to trim every three to four weeks. Keep an eye on nail growth and trim them if necessary, instead of sticking to a rigid schedule.

What are the best cat nail clippers to buy?

Top Cat Nail Clipper

JW Pet Gripsoft Deluxe Cat Nail Clipper

What do you want to know: These guillotine type mowers are easy to use and made from sturdy materials.

What you will love: The blade spring is hidden in the top handle, so you don’t have to worry about catching any hair or fibers. The blade is made of stainless steel and cuts through nails quickly and easily.

What you should consider: Although the handles are plastic, they do not have a non-slip coating or a textured grip.

Or buy: Sold by Chewy

Best cat nail clippers for the money

Pet Republique Cat Nail Clipper

Pet Republique Cat Nail Clippers

What do you want to know: Made of stainless steel with an easy-to-use scissor action, these nail clippers cut through nails effortlessly.

What you will love: The plastic handles are textured on the inside for a better grip and the blade stays sharp for a long time.

What you should consider: The finger holes in the handles are relatively small, so people with large hands might struggle.

Or buy: Sold by Chewy

Worth checking out

Resco Original Cat Nail Clipper

Resco Original Cat Nail Clipper

What do you want to know: These heavy-duty cat nail clippers are made of solid, chrome-plated steel.

What you will love: Guillotine-type mowers are easy to handle and the cutting action is smooth. The blade is replaceable when it becomes dull.

What you should consider: You have to grip the handles firmly in your palm, as there are no textured ridges or non-slip coatings.

Or buy: Sold by Chewy

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