Benedict Cumberbatch did not bathe and contracted nicotine poisoning while filming “The Power of the Dog”


The action method can get the most out of Benedict Cumberbatch.

For his last role in the new western “The Power of the Dog”, the Oscar nominated actor went days without washing and ended up suffering from nicotine poisoning.

Cumberbatch admitted he has become one with his character, Phil Burbank, a 1920s Montana rancher who smoked like a chimney and rarely bathed his body.

“It was really tough,” he told Esquire, explaining that he constantly had to smoke in front of the camera. “Rollies without filter, just take after take after take.”

The vice wreaked havoc on the “The Imitation Game” star, who revealed he smoked so badly that he had “poisoned himself with nicotine three times.”

“When you have to smoke a lot, it’s really horrible,” he admitted.

As for hygiene care – or the lack of it – the 45-year-old London native (who also stars as Doctor Strange in the Marvel Cinematic Universe) said, “I wanted that layer of stench on me. I wanted people in the room to know what I was feeling.

“It was tough, though. It wasn’t just during rehearsals, ”Cumberbatch continued. “I was going to eat out and meet friends from [director] Jeanne [Campion] and other things. I was a little embarrassed by the cleaner, where I lived.

He was so grounded in his character that he didn’t break the mold throughout filming and respond to his real name. “If someone forgot… and called me Benedict, I wouldn’t budge.”

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