Bathing ban as influx to Kodiveri dam increases | Coimbatore News



Erode: The district administration has banned swimming downstream from the Kodiveri Dam, which has been filled with flood water following heavy rainfall in its watersheds over the past two days.
The district administration called on residents, especially those living on the banks of the Bhavani River and in low lying areas, to move to safer places. Coracle’s services in the Kodiveri Dam and surrounding rivers have also been completely banned until further notice.
“Tourists have been ordered not to swim in the river and under the dam falls,” said a senior official from the Department of Public Works (PWD), who declined to be identified.
The ban on bathing in the dam’s waterways was lifted on September 1 after being imposed in April following a sharp rise in Covid-19 cases.
A team of tax officials, people with disabilities and the police is deployed to monitor the situation. Police officers and fire and rescue services are also deployed along the banks of the river. “We put up a warning sign at the entrance to the Kodiveri Dam asking people not to enter the dam’s waterways to swim or fish until further notice. The police will take action against people who violate the order, ”said the PWD official.




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