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Here has fashion magazine, we want to unearth hidden places in Australian cities that only locals know about. There’s no scrutiny here – it’s a breakdown of our cities best bits. We want the underrated hangouts, favorite restaurants, treasure shops and bars people will always want to return to.

This week we explore Melbourne and Sydney based bathing spots with Bailey Merediththe co-founder of the Australian label, Baina. With a role in the production of design-driven organic cotton towels, Bailey believes in the power of an elevated bathing ritual. Alongside his business partner, Anna, the pair share a strong affinity for bath beauty; use it as a way to decompress and reset after a long day.

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“The bath is a way for me to disconnect from the outside world and be present with myself,” shares Bailey. “It’s a simple act that brings so much relaxation and calm. For me, the bath can be either a gentle wake-up call or an easy relaxation before bed.

While our city guides usually focus on food, drink and entertainment in one place, this week Bailey shares her favorite swimming spots in Sydney and Melbourne. Read on for his recommendations.


Comma, 10 – 12 Hill Street, Cremorne

In Melbourne, Bailey likes to head to Comma’s Cremorne space for a massage and relaxation session. The bath and spa boutique is “a contemporary take on the traditional Scandinavian bathing,” she explains. “For the best experience, I recommend alternating between the tub, the sauna, and the bucket shower.” As for indoor bath essentials? Bailey recommends bringing “a book, a meditation podcast, a tall glass of water, some magnesium salts, a candle, and a Baina bath towel”.

Peninsula Hot Springs, 140 Springs Lane, Fingal

Like many locals, the peninsula’s hot springs are one of Bailey’s favorite bathing destinations. The vast geothermal hot springs are located on Melbourne’s Mornington Peninsula, where you can also find a plethora of sleeping, dining, wellness and spa experiences. “There’s something special about soaking in an outdoor hot spring bath,” says Bailey. “I discover new pools with each visit.”

Melbourne City Baths, 420 Swanston Street, Melbourne

Inaugurated in 1860, Melbourne City Baths is a historic bathing spot located in the heart of the CBD. “It’s a classic public pool that exudes real nostalgia,” says Bailey. A true community center, the baths also offer group fitness classes, a bike studio, squash courts and pilates reformer beds. “Although it’s not a place I usually bathe in, I’m obsessed with the architecture and the old-fashioned swing-door changing rooms,” Bailey shares.


Wylie’s Baths, 4B Neptune Street, Coogee

Wylie’s Baths is the Coogee-based ocean tidal pool, beloved for its heritage-listed architecture and panoramic ocean views. “It’s a favorite place in Sydney,” says Bailey. “Wylie’s is an institution among many Sydneysiders and a place where I plan to spend much of my summer.”

When heading out to an outdoor location, Bailey sticks to the bathing essentials. “I’m not one to pack a lot. All I need is an SPF, a pair of swimmers and my Baina pool towel.”

Japanese Baths, 259 Sir Thomas Mitchell Drive, South Bowenfels

Just a two-hour drive from Sydney, Japanese Bath House is a Blue Mountains oasis with an onsen, tea room and private buros (bathtubs). “[It’s a] place that’s been on my list for a while,” Bailey says. “I recently returned to Australia and am planning a mid-winter getaway very soon.”

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