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The bathroom is one of the rooms where we spend most of our time. Not only should your bathroom be nice and look great, it also has to serve its purpose in the end. It should offer you the freedom to move around and do your daily ablutions in privacy and comfort. This is where a homeowner can choose to leave their mark in the design of their home.

Among the most luxurious amenities you can include in your bathrooms are freestanding bathtubs. These light fixtures serve as a centerpiece in the room and provide you with a place where you can relax and unwind to relieve the stress of a long day. So if you are planning to remodel or build a better bathroom, a tub might be for you.

This article examines the various advantages and disadvantages of using a freestanding bathtub. So read on and try to determine if this will be right for you.



The aesthetics it provides is one of the advantages of a freestanding bathtub. Not only will this help make a statement for your bathroom, but it will also fit different designs as it is typically paired with high end wellness facilities.

You can also choose any unit that will suit your style. You can go classic with the foot style or modern, and it will always look stylish.

Easy installation

As the luminaire is a stand-alone unit, it will be a breeze to install. You wouldn’t need to hire a contractor to draw plans and manage specialized services; all you need is probably the plumber. It can even be quite simple; you can do it yourself.


Since you can move the unit, you can place it wherever you want! It can give you the freedom to use the space creatively. Not only will you put your mark on the area, but it will also amaze your visitors.



The most apparent downside to a stand-alone unit is, of course, the price even with the installation envisioned. With all the design and different materials the unit is made of, the cost may be more than you budgeted for.


While you can move freestanding bathtubs, they will be quite heavy. If you plan to use older, repurposed units, you will need to make sure you reinforce your floors as you also need to consider the weight of the water.


Some units are quite large, which is a problem getting in and out of the tub.

Accessible storage

There is a lack of it, that is to say. With a freestanding cabinet, you wouldn’t have a ledge to put your shampoos or hair care products within easy reach. This can be a break for some, but you can fix it with a wheeled shopping cart.

Without shower

A sunken tub will have the luxury of an accessible shower head, but a freestanding tub might not have it. You can position a shower head or use a flexible one if you want, but this will also require a wraparound curtain so that the water does not run out.


A freestanding bathtub can be a luxury item for some and a necessity for others. There are definite pros and cons, but it will still provide you with the features you need to ensure that your bathroom continues to be one of the best rooms in the house.



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