A new era for fashion PR? The Frntal launches with digital solutions first, a new NFT market


LONDON – Like all sectors of the fashion industry, the pandemic has upended public relations and communications, exposing many of the inefficiencies of the traditional system – which often force designers to pay high fees for low exposure or strong returns on their business.

The Frntal, a new digital platform, is launching this month and aims to offer a more up-to-date and cost-effective solution.

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The company will focus on representing emerging brands, which stand out in the contemporary space and integrate social and environmental responsibility into their business models.

They will have access to “a newly realized online window” that will house all PR content in a digital newsroom for buyers, journalists, editors and stylists to freely access.

“The platform will cut out the middleman, so editors or stylists can access everything they need to showcase a brand in an instant. As a result, a brand’s media coverage increases dramatically and it has access to a global audience of buyers and retailers,” a company spokesperson said. “We want to provide access to services that can propel emerging designers’ businesses on terms they can afford rather than large and unnecessary public relations and sales activations like agencies and showrooms. Aspiring young designers have faced huge hurdles and been forced to invest great resources in gaining exposure, attending reputable events and trade shows in order to position themselves in the market. It is [instead] a low-capital and profitable sales and public relations channel.

While the focus is on younger, independent names, the company added that they will also work to develop partnerships between their clients and more established labels or design institutions.

In a bid to move even further away from the traditional communication model, the company simultaneously plans to launch a marketplace where its customers can sell physical and digital items directly to the consumer.

The integration of blockchain technology and NFT sales on the platform was essential for the founders, as the industry – and the world – prepares for “a transition to the virtual world of the metaverse”.

“NFTs are the starting point for a new fashion experience you can own. It’s a new canvas for storytelling, cultural creation, and consumer experience, which just happens to be enabled by technology,” added a company spokesperson, highlighting the endless opportunities that the world of blockchain and NFTs will bring to the fashion space in the coming years.

For one thing, they’ll help take the resale market to the next level by tracking changes in an item’s ownership and offering brands royalties every time one of their products is resold in the retail space. ‘opportunity. There are also a myriad of new earning opportunities, not only selling virtual clothing, but also catwalk videos and behind-the-scenes footage.

Frntal wants to be able to facilitate all of these transactions, as well as help industry players stay up to date.

The company believes that NFT sales data will become a valuable tool for fashion professionals to predict trends and thereby improve physical and digital designs. It can also help modernize the publishing industry by creating new reader engagement tools or digitizing magazine covers and editorials.

“We are already working on a bespoke NFT project for the fashion publishing industry, which is attracting brand partnerships,” the company added.

“We envision our NFT Marketplace to become not only the tool to sell and buy virtual garments, but also the platform to provide valuable data on garments, designs and trends, virtualizing each garment and allowing users to discover digital fashion items. You don’t have to buy a new physical piece of clothing if all you need is another eye-catching Instagram post, NFTs can be sold, transferred, resold, collected or simply tried on for a photo or video.

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