A guide to Saturnia, Tuscany’s most scenic and calming natural hot spring



Tuscany is not only home to natural hot springs, but it is home to one of the most beautiful hot springs in all of Italy.

The people of Tuscany, Italy have been visiting the hot springs of Saturnia for decades during the winter. However, most countries in the world did not know about these free and scenic hot springs until recently. It is thanks to the incredible aerial shots that revealed the true beauty of these attractions. The only people who knew about this gem of Saturnia were the people of Italy. The most famous hot spring in Saturnia, Tuscany, is Cascate del Mulino.

What is so beautiful about these thermal baths is that the hot water comes from the ground and goes down along a small hill. This creates a splendid formation of natural pools which have the temperature of the human body all year round (37 degrees Celsius). Many people believe that Saturnia thermal baths have healing properties for the skin and the digestive system.

Here’s how to make the most of the Saturnia thermal baths

Just before the access to the river, there is a large parking lot near the hot springs of Saturnia. By following the signs for Cascate del Mulino from the main road, people can easily reach the destination. The thermal baths are only accessible by going down from the top. It’s relatively easy to do, but people need to be careful when the area is very busy as the rocks are slippery and hard.

Before going down to the baths, it is worth to contemplate the panoramic view of the Cascate del Mulino from the top. People may also decide to use the pools closer to the top of the mountain or go to the less frequented baths located closer to the river below. The hot springs of Saturnia are open all year round.

However, the fall and spring seasons are the best when it comes to temperature, weather, and views. During the summer, people will be very hot from the scorching sun and high temperatures. While it is nice to stay in hot springs during the winter, getting out of the water will send chills through the body to freeze it from the cold. People usually spend a few hours bathing in the hot springs of Saturnia.

  • Cost: Bathing in the hot springs of Saturnia is completely free and people can spend as much time there as they like.

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What to know before visiting the hot springs of Saturnia

Because the waters of Saturnia are rich in sulfur and contain a lot of minerals, they can damage jewelry. That is why it is recommended that people obtain a waterproof and secure pouch to store their valuables. When aerial images of Saturnia’s hot springs first became available to the world, the area seemed empty and ethereal.

However, people should keep in mind that hot springs can be very crowded and noisy. Indeed, the thermal baths are free and frequented by the locals.

Additionally, since the hot springs of Saturnia in Tuscany became world famous, the number of tourists flocking to the attraction has doubled, reaching 200,000 visitors per year. As a result, it is to be expected that they will not have the chance to take pictures of the large natural pools when they are empty, unless they get to the scene early in the morning before 7 a.m. in the morning.

Also, be aware that they can share the pools with someone else most of the time. In addition, there are no changing rooms or facilities in the hot springs of Saturnia. This is why most people change in the car.

  • Recommended: A café opens in season in the hot springs of Saturnia. People can change using the toilets and showers.

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Equipment that people should bring when visiting Saturnia Hot Springs

When visiting Saturnia Hot Springs, people should bring swimsuits as they will be lowering the water into the pools. As the hot springs have a rocky slope, it is best to bring water shoes for safe movement. These will be particularly beneficial for children. Access being free, there are no towels.

That’s why you have to bring your own towels with them. A sun hat and sunscreen are essential to protect the skin from the scorching sun. It is best to bring environmentally friendly products as these will end up being thrown into the wild. As bathing in the hot springs of Saturnia heats up, they must bring with them water and food. This is because the cafe there is not always open.

However, when the restaurant is open, people obviously have to take cash with them for a snack or a drink. Some people like to visit the hot springs late at night. A flashlight is recommended when hitting Saturnia in the late hours so people can see their way.

  • Near the hot springs: The beautiful villages of Tuscany are only a short drive from Saturnia. These villages include Orvieto, Orbetello, Pitigliano, Roma and the Tuscan coast.

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