9 creative ways to style your pubic hair


Beautify the bush.

Let’s face it, we got a little dull with our hair there. The pubis is considered a monthly annoyance, rather than a fun little accessory. In a world where the permanent laser hair removal market is growing and 57% of women between the ages of 18 and 35 have chosen to go nakedI’ll be the first to say this – we’re facing a pubic shortage.

The defunct, bye-bye Brazilian trend quickly rose to fame when it took over the US market in the late 90s. In 2002, when veteran waxer Tanya Farrar started her company brazilian butterfly, she said, Brazilians had a bit of a “shabby tone” in Australia. She wanted to bring them into the mainstream, and she did (helped by that notorious sex and the city episode). Soon, her living room was so full that she had to think about opening a second one.

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These days, she says, everyone wants a Brazilian. But the naked look hasn’t always been the star of the show. Throughout her long career, Tanya has experimented with all sorts of techniques for pruning the Secret Garden. From blitz to basic, you’d think there’s a huge range of looks.

So come one, come all. We can make a change. These days many of us are embracing our natural bodies, and I think it’s safe to say that we’ve all gotten a little lazy with the razor during lockdown. So why not jazz it up? To help you out, I’ve compiled a list of ways to get creative with your next activity down below.


Bruno Mars said it well: “my daughter, you are incredible as you are”. There is no need to take a weeder to this beautiful bush. Leave those pubes in the hands of Mother Nature and save yourself the trouble of a trip to the salon. The full bush is also gaining popularity, with vogue declaring her the “new bikini wax”.


This brings us nicely to the aforementioned bikini wax. Maybe you like having your hair there, but you don’t want everyone at the beach to be into your business. Fair enough! This option offers a lightweight trim that simply cleans up the edges of your bikini line.

Landing runway

If you just want to dip your toes into the world of pubic hair, this is the best place to start. Everything is removed except for a finger-width strip on top. I once fraternized with a man who, upon seeing my new airstrip, looked me admiringly in the eye and said, “You did that… for me? like I just gave him a key to the city. If that’s not the response you want when someone takes your pants off, then I don’t know what is.


The only pubic design that gives you the excuse to say “let’s get lit tonight”. As with the landing strip, everything is removed except for a downward-pointing triangle. It also serves as an arrow, providing a roadmap for potential lovers (because we know they tend to lost).


I like to think of this as the Genital Soul Patch. It’s a little tuft of hair that floats on its own and says, “I’m in for funky.” They are usually found at the top of the pubic mound, but hey, feel free to put one wherever you see fit. It’s your world!

lighting bolt

This one is inspired by none other than the legend himself, David Bowie. Tanya reminisces about the good old days of the mid-2000s when her salon offered a service called “shapes and colors.” She made various stencils, including one of a lightning bolt, which she used to create intricate wax designs. Y2K fashion has a moment, so why not Y2K pubis?

Heart of love

Are you planning a romantic date? Nothing shows your affection better than a little heart. Your pubes should make you feel cute and sexy, like lingerie that stays in place. For maximum effect, pair it with our next option.

dye job

Hot pink, faded blonde, electric blue – the options are endless! Channel your inner punk princess, grab a pot of manic panic, and be careful to avoid important parts. I suggest following this very informative Wikihow Guide. Perhaps enlist the help of a kind and dedicated friend.


Dare I say the crown jewel of all pubic designs. The glamour! Elegance! Throw some Swarovski crystals over there and violà – vajazzled. Treat your genitals with the respect they deserve. If you’re rocking with a different toolset there, don’t feel left out – there’s sparkling too!

The Brazilian butterfly offered the service in the 2010s but the trend, unfortunately, has since died out. Hopefuls would struggle to find a vajazzler in this economy. But Tanya would be ready to bring him back “If the demand was there, of course!”.

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