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No matter how well you dressed for an occasion, if your nails are not properly groomed, your whole look will turn into a disaster. Grooming isn’t just about taking care of your face and hair, but also your hands. Your nails need a little bit of attention, and you need to give them the proper care when planning a manicure. Besides making your nails look better, a manicure also ensures that they stay healthy and clean in the long run.

8 different types of manicure

Besides making your nails look clean and shiny, a manicure also keeps your hand soft, supple, and well-groomed. They relax the muscles in your hands and prevent your fingernails from chipping or breaking. Today, many nail beauty salons and spas offer different types of manicure services to their clients. Here are a few of them.

1. Basic manicure

As the name suggests, this manicure involves cutting, shaping and polishing your nails. The beautician begins by applying cuticle oil and then gives you a relaxing hand massage. Your hands and nails are cleaned properly, followed by an application of standard nail polish. You can choose your favorite shade of nail color. It is also known as a standard manicure.

Basic manicure is affordable and available in any salon. This quick care session leaves your nails shiny and radiant. You can remove the nail polish at home.

2. French manicure

Once a popular type of manicure, the French manicure has made a comeback, and how! This simple yet elegant form of manicure is a must have, especially for your tiny nails. You don’t necessarily need to make your nails look elaborate. The process involves cutting and shaping your nails and then making a crescent moon on the tips.

Simply choose the nail color and the beautician will apply any traditional or gel nail polish. This procedure makes your fingers long with a subtle touch. They suit any outfit and are the best.

3. Reverse French Manicure

As the name suggests, a reverse French manicure is a reverse French manicure. Unlike the previous one, this manicure has a pointed crescent moon in the darkest shade and at the base of your nails. It is simple and elegant and is very fashionable today.

Just like the French manicure, many nail salons and spas offer a reverse French manicure to their clients. This effortless manicure can be pulled by anyone.

4. Pressure manicure

Pressure nails are all the rage, and if you haven’t tried them sooner, now is the time to do the same. You can look for pre-painted nail sets in different shapes, sizes – square nails, oval nails and different colors.

This DIY manicure involves pressing the artificial nails onto your natural nails using an adhesive. However, when doing it at home, be sure to use a good quality product to glue them on. Some of these nails are sticky and you just need to open them up and stick to your fingernails. If you take care of them properly, these nails can last up to two weeks.

5. American manicure

The American manicure is very similar to the French manicure, the only difference is that it makes your nails look more natural and faded. So, if you are a person who doesn’t like experimenting much but still wants to take care of your nails, then make this manicure your go-to option.

The beautician will start by cleaning and trimming your nails. They will then shape them into a more round shape. After applying the base coat, they will choose a natural shade like ivory or nude to apply on your nails. Sometimes they can use an airbrush technique to polish the nails.

6. Acrylic manicure

An acrylic manicure is a perfect option for those who love long nails but cannot grow them. They are like an artificial extension of your fingernails. You can choose any length you want and get the perfect look for your nails in no time.

Under an acrylic manicure, the beautician uses a mixture of a powdered monomer and a liquid polymer. Your nails are stamped before applying this gummy mixture, after which they shape them into the desired shape. The nails are then left to dry. Once dried, they are filed and painted with nail polish. Acrylic manicures are the hottest trend of the season.

7. Manicure gel

If you want a more durable manicure, we suggest you go for a gel manicure. As part of this procedure, your nails are sculpted with a hard gel. These nails make you look extremely natural and last a long time. They are lightweight and flexible compared to other manicures, especially acrylic manicures. According to expert professionals, this type of manicure is perfect for people prone to nail lifts.

The gel manicure procedure takes two hours and lasts three weeks. The only downside here is that you cannot remove your gel nails by yourself. You need to see the professional again to remove them. That being said, the nails become self-leveling and lead to a brighter shine. Sometimes you don’t even need to add color to the nails.

8. Dip the manicure in powder

You can visit a nail spa and choose a powder manicure. As part of the procedure, your nails will be treated in the same way as a traditional manicure. After that, the professional will apply adhesive and then dip your nails in colored nail powder. You don’t have to wait for the nails to dry. The results are obtained right after removing your nails from the dipping powder.

The professional treats your nails under UV light. The results of this manicure last longer than other types of manicure and look great on your nails.

Pampering your nails with the types of manicures listed above accentuates the beauty of your hands and makes them look immaculate. All you have to do is find a good nail spa or professional service to perform these manicures. Now that you’ve read about the different types of manicures, pick the best one and get it done.

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