8 takeaways from the red and white game



The Detroit Red Wings played their red and white game in front of a full house at Center Ice Arena in Traverse City. Here are the lists, noting that Dylan Larkin, Jonatan Berggren, Jakub Vrana and Marc Staal were absent. (The Malik Report had news on Larkin, Berggren and Vrana)

Mitchell Stephens opened the scoring when he picked up a puck sent around the board by Bobby Ryan and rushed alone, passing Alex Nedeljkovic to give the Red team a 1-0 lead. Dominik Shine would put the Whites on the board when he buried a rebound chance in front of Thomas Greiss with just over four minutes in the first period.

The first half of the second period went scoreless, but the White team had plenty of scoring opportunities. Stephens buried another goal in the second half of the second, before Pius Suter responded with a goal to equalize. Settlement came to an end and the White team scored two shootout goals to claim the 3-2 melee victory. Lucas Raymond won the first while Vladislav Namestnikov got the second.

After the first period and the first half of the second period, both teams had the chance to run their special teams on a power play – and the power play was scoreless for both teams.

Here are eight takeaways from the game:

Zadina still seems frustrated

Zadina’s body language screams in frustration. The poor kid was bitten by a snake when it comes to scoring, and yes we all know he was drafted to ‘fill the net’. He will be. But during a power play opportunity, he unleashed a hit on an open gaze that didn’t work – and simply skated with demeanor that resembled a ‘here we go’ vibe. Maybe it was the angle of the camera, or just my perception. I still believe Zadina is going to find this season to be the one where things click the most.

Thomas Greiss continues to play well

Greiss picked up where he left off, looking calm and gathered in the net. Greiss certainly had a much better second half of the season last year and seems to have continued his momentum in the fray. Obviously the regular season is a different beast, but he was promising to see Greiss playing like he’s in mid-season form.

Bobby Ryan pleads his case for the Red Wings list

Ryan looked sharp, being on the ice for Team Red’s two goals and collecting an assist on Stephens’ opening goal. It just seems like Ryan is watching the roster closely – he brings an offensive advantage to the team, and if he can stay healthy that would definitely be another piece of the puzzle for the Red Wings to feature more often. on the score sheet.

Lucas Raymond too

Raymond appears to be the accomplished professional and he is only 19 years old. From the shootout goal he buried to just being in the right place at the right time during his opportunities on the ice, Raymond continues to advocate for him to tune in in real time during the preseason to determine his ‘he is expected to be on the final roster before the Red Wings season opener on October 14.

Moritz Seider will be fine

A lot was said in the Red Wings thread chat about Moritz Seider looking like a pedestrian at times. It’s my call to just remind those fans of either opinion that he’s only 20 years old and won’t be a constant highlight reel. Suter’s goal came about because he took the puck out of Seider, got around it, and then buried it. Seider also had a bad pass earlier which almost turned into a goal as well.

Red Wings fans were treated to his standout season in the SHL, several times in highlight snippets that only showed a snapshot of an entire game. It’s important to remember this as he learns and grows as a member of the Detroit Red Wings. Those highlights will certainly happen in Detroit, but growing pains will be part of the process as well.

Mitchell Stephens looked fantastic

Stephens showed the speed that made him a target for Yzerman to bring into the fold. Red Wings fans have seen this speed on the last two lines before, Darren Helm immediately comes to mind. Stephens circled the puck, beating two defensemen and slammed the wrist so the team was white on the board.

In the second half of the second period, he led the offensive opportunity into the white team zone, then ended it with a nice pass from Taro Hirose just in the shadow of the net. Stephens certainly argued not only to center that fourth row, but also made a compelling argument – if he holds up – to move on from the third as well.

Special teams were presented

The power play and the penalty kill seemed much more active in terms of movement. Over the past two seasons, I sometimes felt like players were standing and almost rushing to specific spots on the ice. The penalty kill saw the skaters harass the puck carriers more, preventing sharper passes that set up the shots. Conversely, the power play was moving more, and this movement allowed Zadina to have a nice chance, which, even if she didn’t enter, will be at some point if those chances are regularly given. .

Hirose made some great plays

Hirose was instrumental in the second base and was also buzzing around the ice often, shaking things up in the other zone. For a guy who is certainly in the roster bubble, he should carry that assertiveness into the preseason and defend himself.

I think Hirose is one of the best playmakers on the team and he could be an absolute asset if he manages to make his way onto the roster. I also think having him on the power play could be a boon for a team that always felt like they were looking for a guy to make the right pass to find a goal.

If given the chance if he wins the spot, Hirose could be a pleasant surprise for the Red Wings offense.

Pickard held on

Calvin Pickard may be third on the depths chart, but he shouldn’t go unnoticed that he’s a solid presence not only for Grand Rapids, but if Detroit gets injured between the posts. Pickard was standing on the lead in the second half when the Red team were constantly littered with shots and Pickard calmly pushed them back, which included some point blank chances from Pius Suter. For a team that needs to score more, having safety in the three-man net is crucial.

It was great to see Red Wings hockey, even in scrimmage form, but it certainly gave us something to watch and enjoy before the preseason schedule opened.



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