8 best Razor subscriptions to buy once and forget



WWhether you shave your face, legs, or anywhere in between, hair removal with a blade can be a tedious process, especially if it’s been a long time. And if you’re using a blunt razor, it’s a real nick-fest. To make shaving really less of a chore, you need to set yourself up with one of the best razor subscriptions.

Cheap drugstore razors leave stubble and scars behind. But brands like Billie and Gillette currently offer razor subscriptions that send premium refills right to your door at an affordable price without ever having to think about buying blades again.

The next time your razor doesn’t cut it, skip the trip to the store and jump in the shower with a razor from one of the top subscription services.

The best razor subscriptions to shave every part of your body

Billie – $ 9.00

Billie makes shaving easier and amusing. Start with the brand’s starter kit, which includes a razor handle (your choice of color), two blades, and a magnetic holder for just $ 9. Then the brand will ship four refill blades for $ 9 as often as you need them, which you can adjust or hang up anytime.

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Dollar Shave Club – $ 20.00

The Dollar Shave Club has been around since 2011, with men’s shaving blades sent straight to your door. Try the starter set for just $ 5, which includes two six-blade razor cartridges, a handle, and three samples of shaving products like shaving cream and aftershave dew. The full subscription is then customizable to your liking, allowing you to set how often you get products and what products you want.

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Club Athena – $ 9.00

Starting at $ 9, Athena Club is a solid bet for any shave. Each razor kit includes a handle, storage hook, and two five-blade cartridges. The blades include a water-activated serum that glides over your skin with every shave so you can get the smoothest legs, pits, and bikini lines possible. From there, customize your cadence shipments and tailor the products to your schedule.

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Shave Club for All Girls – $ 18.00

With a gorgeous rose gold handle, super sharp razor and a handy shaving bag, All Girls Shave Club has one of the best subscriptions when you want to simplify your shaving routine. After purchasing the starter kit, the brand will send you eight blade refills for just $ 18 whenever you want, which means you can customize your payout rate.

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Harry’s – $ 15.00

Similar to the Dollar Shave Club, Harry’s ships top notch men’s blades to your door every month around your routine. The starter kit starts at $ 5, which includes a weighted razor handle, 5-blade cartridge, travel blade cover, and foaming shaving gel. From there, get eight new top-ups for $ 15 every two, three, or five months.

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Gillette Planet Kind Membership – $ 20.00

A greener option for male shaving, Gillette Planet Kind offers a durable razor and blades made from recycled materials. Each starter kit contains a razor handle and eight cartridges for $ 20 that lasts about three months. The best part is that they are 100% recyclable for a smoother shave on your face and the planet.

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Gillette Venus Membership – $ 7.00

Gillette also offers its traditional Venus razors as a subscription. Starting at $ 7, each starter pack contains a handle, cartridge, shower hook, and mini shaving gel. Recurring four-pack refills start at $ 18 and include all of your favorite Venus features, like the swivel head and water-activated shaving tape.

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Bevel – $ 60.00

Fancy a serious shave? Bevel is the best subscription service designed for men of color. For $ 60 per month, you’ll receive the most luxurious shaving products right at your doorstep, including pre-shave oil, cream, aftershave balm, and blades. Together, everything in the kit is designed to nourish your skin while giving you a close, clean shave every time.

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