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Promising review (plus some useful tips!): “I have been a professional dog groomer for 10 years and use this product all the time. Looking through other reviews, there seems to be a lot of confusion on how to use it, so here’s all you need to know:

WHY IT’S FOR: I use Musher’s Secret to protect the paws from both salt and cold in the winter (snow and ice stick to the hair between the pads and can cause frostbite; Musher’s Secret helps prevent ice and snow from sticking), and it is also helps protect the paws from the hot pavement during the hottest seasons. It doesn’t mean you can let them walk on hot pavement if they turned it on, it just helps keep the pads from drying out and becoming damaged and uncomfortable.

HOW MUCH TO USE: YOU ONLY NEED A LITTLE WORD! It seems some people put too much! What I have on my finger in the photo below is enough for two of my medium dog’s paws! He should never be gloopy on their paws! It’s like putting on lotion, basically you just put on enough to coat the paw very lightly. The product begins to soak up almost immediately; I have never had a problem staining my sofas or rugs with proper application.

ANIMALS LICK IT? : If your pet is trying to lick their paws, distract them for a few minutes until they are completely soaked. I give my dogs some very chewy sweet potato treats after applying it to their paws as a reward for leaving me and to keep them distracted while it penetrates their skin so they don’t lick it. If it takes more than a minute or two to soak in completely, then you’ve applied too much. “-Max Siegel

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