5 essentials you need before you bring your baby home


It can seem like going too far with baby shopping and while it is normal for a mother to do so, knowing the right things to buy when your baby arrives is quite avoidable.

Moms love to know and have everything to prepare for the arrival of their newborn baby. It’s important to know the items you need immediately after your baby is born and differentiate between the items you might need later, as you shouldn’t be in a rush to buy them during your last trimester.

Here are some of the important things you may need before your newborn baby arrives.

1. Nursing

Burp cloths
Draws milk
Nursing pillow
Nursing bras
Breast pads
Lotion for sore nipples

2. Baby care

Nail clippers
Changing bag
Diaper rash cream
Cotton pads
Trash cans
Garbage bags
Baby lotion
Reusable or cloth diapers
Baby ointment

3. Clothing

Cotton t-shirts
Cotton blankets
Baby laundry detergent

4. Sleep

Sheets for the cradle
Cradle mattress
Waterproof pads
Mosquito net

5. Security

Safety seat for the car
Baby monitor
Baby thermometer
Medical kit

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