2 sex reassignment surgeries performed in Madurai




These two, one 24 years old is a Postgraduate (M Com) graduate from Madurai, and the other, a 21 year old B Com graduate who lives with his parents in Tirunelveli, have been living as trans men ever since. more than 10 years. before undergoing the female-to-male gender reassignment surgery performed by HRM’s transgender specialty team under the leadership of Dean A Rathinavel, sources said.

Before taking this crucial step, they underwent psychiatric evaluation and hormone therapy for over a year in accordance with the protocol of the Tamil Nadu Government’s National Health Mission (NHM). Doctors said it was important to assess and treat their emotional state before performing the surgery.

It took a team of specialists from various specialties to perform this surgery which lasted about two hours for each of them. This included the Obstetrics and Gynecology team led by the department head, Dr N Sumathi, and Jeyanthi Prasad and Krishnaveni. They had a hysterectomy, gynecologic abdominal operation, and bilateral salpingo oophorectomy, surgery to remove the fallopian tubes and ovaries.

While Dr S Pappiah and Sudharson were in charge of anesthesia, pre and postoperative care was provided by the plastic surgery department headed by its head, Dr Suresh Kumar.

Dr Sridhar S, head of the endocrinology department and also head of the hospital’s transgender clinic, said the clinic is fully functional with all specialties every Thursday. He added that 10 other patients were expected to have gender reassignment surgery in the next few days. After the establishment of the HRM clinic in July, 37 trans people are in various stages of preoperative treatment, said Dr Sridhar. Plans are underway to introduce breast implant surgery, penile implantation procedure, vocal cord tightening voice therapy and laser hair removal for hirsutism in trans people in the coming days, a- he declared. With the help of the Department of Social Welfare, the HRM Transgender Council conducted a medical assessment and issued transpersonal ID cards to 170 people.

Outside of Tamil Nadu, such surgeries have only been performed in two or three states, including Kerala and West Bengal, sources said.



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